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Foltex B.V.

Foltex B.V. is an international player in the market of industrial laundry machines in textile fold, insertion and stacking equipment. Foltex has extensive knowledge and experience within the professional laundry industry and is highly regarded worldwide for its simplicity and reliability.Badjasvouwer easyfold bathrobe.

Foltex Nederland B.V. is a Dutch company with its own product development and production. There is therefore continuous development here and new machines also regularly come into being. Foltex is the only supplier of a simple but ingenious bathrobe folder, the Foltex EasyFold Bathrobe. Foltex produces the most simple folder that can fold all kinds of towels and the most heavy work clothing such as overalls. Foltex is the only one that offers a folding machine that can process the entire range of personal laundry without any kind of manual pre-sorting (FlexFold AT180 smart). No matter which Foltex machine it concerns, all Foltex laundry machines meet two conditions:


Foltex is the Laundry Expert supplier for the solutions

Different types of in-wallers, folding folders, terry cloth and clothing and stackers.

Foltex Flatwork Feeders

The FlexFeed SP300-400 insertion machine is useful for manual and vacuum controlled feeding of both small and large pieces of textile. The FlexFold LP1 300-400 insert can even process multiple items at the same time. The industrial laundry machine has a single and multi-lane mode. In addition, this FlexFold laundry machine is available in different working widths. The FlexFold LP2 300-400 is a very versatile Flatwork Feeder possible with 2 or 3 buffer stations. In comparison with the LP1 version, the LP2 300-400 has the great advantage that it is a lot faster and can handle twice as much laundry in the same time. Very suitable when you stand for high productivity with superior input quality.

Foltex Folders

The flatfold folder FlexFold LP300-400 is also called sheet fold or Flatwork Folder. This folder is simple and extremely efficient for small and large work. This folder is also virtually maintenance-free because no use is made of chains and couplings. Also available in different configurations.
Laundry Expert also offers you several terry folders (Drywork Folders), including towel folders. Handy for all kinds of flatware, including towels, fitted sheets, pillow cases, blankets and other linen. The FlexFold AT series, MT200 series and the BT300 series are the best known. The terry folds from the AT series ensure high productivity up to 1600 pieces per hour. This series is versatile to use with dimensions from 90 cm to 230 cm. The MT200 series is a French dry folder with folding sheets that are suitable for folding in the length method. And the BT300 series is perfect for folding both thin and thick blankets. This machine can also be operated by 1 or 2 people.
Finally, our range also includes clothing folders, these are also called Garment Folders. The EasyFold Bathrobe folder is specially designed for folding bathrobes. This way you can easily fold a bathrobe within 20 seconds, saving you a lot of labor costs. This clothing folder is really indispensable for companies in the wellness and hotel sector. Our FlexFold folders MG180 and MG200 are the most simple folders and can fold all kinds of clothing of light and heavy quality. The MG180 version even has a rotating unit for vertical input. This makes it even easier for you to enter clothes. For laundry or dry cleaning the FlexFold folder AG220 is a perfect choice. For all kinds of clothing, uniforms and linen. This machine can fold products up to a length of 220 cm and a width of 120 cm. In addition, the FlexFold AG180 is smartly designed especially for retirement homes, partly because you do not have to pre-sort the clothes. The machine can fold and sort all underwear, towels, vests and other goods. Interested? Ask your FlexFold AG180 smart quote now!

Foltex Stackers

Our Foltex Stackers can also help you to ease the workload. The range of stackers consists of two stackers, namely the FlexStack SS420 and the FlexStack RO500. The Foltex FlexStack SS420 is a stacking unit suitable for small items up to 3 lanes. This can be used as a standalone unit, but also behind a folder or mangle. You can also arrange the speed of production yourself. Very easy! The FlexStack RO500 is just as simple and is able to stack various types of textiles at a high quality. This is processed on the basis of a high-speed roll-off system. This really offers you the promised high stacking quality. Like the SS420, this stacking unit can be used as a stand-alone unit or integrated behind a folder or mangle.

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Read more about this brand on the official Foltex website.

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