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i-team Global

Are you looking for quality, maximum output and sustainable cleaning? Then you are at the right address at Laundry Expert! Laundry Expert is co-sales partner of i-team Global Benelux of these revolutionary cleaning machines and products.

i-team Global revolutionary, flexible and powerful

i-team founder Frank van der Ven is the inventor of the flexible and powerful i-mop scrubber drier. Because most cleaning machines were not flexible enough to clean up with a bucket and a mop in most places, the idea arose to develop a flexible and powerful floor mop called i-mop.
i-team Global focuses on innovative developments and designing of extremely high-quality cleaning machines, products and utilities. The range includes scrubber driers, vacuum cleaners, cleaning workstations, lighting solutions, cleaning pads, brush systems and chewing gum removal machines. Our goal of Laundry Expert is to map out the entire cleaning process and bring back the pleasure of cleaning. As with i-team, we like to do everything according to our core values.

i-team will make your entire company shine

When a potential customer enters your business / facility, one of the first things they will notice is the cleanliness of the sales area where you exhibit your products publicly. If your store / sales space is sparkling clean, their attention goes directly to the products, but if it is smudgy and dusty, it quickly distracts from the products you display. It does not matter whether it is cars, full-size kitchens, electronics or whatever you can think of. That is why it is extremely important to equip your staff with the right cleaning equipment, such as a powerful scrubber for the glossy floors and excellent micro-drying tools to ensure the cleanliness of your products.

These customers already preceded you

Supermarket chain Jumbo has been working with the i-mop scrubber drier for several years. In addition to cleaning, protecting your customers and your employees is very important. Shoppers take a lot of dirt from outside to inside and that includes sand, snow and other wetness. This makes the floors wet and slippery and accidents can occur. The I-mop cleans and repairs the floor quickly, so that floors are dry and clean within seconds. Fast food chain McDonalds makes the restaurant floors greaseproof again with the i-mop XXL scrubber. Soft drinks, fries and spilled milkshakes make the floors dangerously slippery And an accident at the cash desk will have to be closed for half an hour to get the floor traditionally clean and dry. With the i-mop it is minutes to get the floor clean, grease-free and dry, so your cash register production has been closed for a short time and you can immediately turn over again because time is money!

Wireless power with the i-power concept

The entire range of i-team cleaning machines standardized with the powerful i-power Series. No more flexibility tied to power outlets and short cords with these standardized batteries as a power source. Save time with the i-power. Cleaning hotel rooms with a vacuum cleaner means saving time and saving costs and increases job satisfaction and quality.

Offer targeted solutions

The most recent solution from i-team Global is the well-known problem of chewing gum. It is estimated that more than 1.5 million kilos of chewing gum are deposited on the streets each year, and floors in public areas are not included in those figures. Because it adheres to the substrate, chewing gum is almost impossible to remove. i-team Global has therefore developed the i-gum. You aim standing a rod to the floor and steam comes out with an enzyme (from sugar beet) that dissolves the glue of chewing gum. Then the powder that you can easily suck up.

Show cleaning work with live demos


We at Laundry Expert can give live demos to you on the work floor or location. We also have the disposal to give a demo in special test rooms at the head office of i-team Global in Eindhoven. There we have spaces with carpet floor and hard floor, but also a showroom, cinema, hotel room and hospital room, fast food restaurant and a supermarket. We think about the cleaning issues with the customer. At the moment we are creating digital showrooms of these demonstration rooms. We provide them with cameras and can provide live demos via the internet. Wherever you are in the world behind your laptop, we help you with your cleaning questions.

Buying a professional i-team Global cleaning machine from Laundry Expert?

Good choice! Laundry Expert is 100% behind our partner and supplier i-team Global. Thanks to the unique user friendliness, the reliability, the service and the advanced product line, i-team Global is one of the leading partners of Laundry Expert. Are you in the neighborhood soon? Then come along and experience the Cleaning Experience. We are happy to provide you with sincere and expert advice!


Not in the neighborhood, but interested? Or do you want extra information or prices? Please contact us via telephone number +31(0)85-0030265, send an e-mail to i[email protected] or request your quote!


Read more about this brand on the official i-team Global website.


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