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Industry branches

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Restaurant and eatery

As a catering entrepreneur, you want to give your guests a wow experience. You serve them, of course, beautiful and delicious dishes and creates a cozy atmosphere. Are these all ingredients for your restaurant or eatery? Do you also think of your table linen, napkins and guest towels for the toilets? When you cover your tables for the guests, they must of course be clean at all times. But with the washing process that you use now, do your table linen and napkins really get clean?
Laundry Expert will be happy to advise you on the best washing process. So that your guests can enjoy the food at any time with a hygienically clean tablecloth.

Quantity of laundry in restaurants

When you have had a busy day in your restaurant or eatery, your day ends with full laundry baskets of used table linen and other types of textiles. You would like to clean this fabric again as soon as possible. So you have your linen fresh, without wrinkles, immaculate and without damage in the linen room stored or on your tables. The whole process around your linen, from picking up the tables to re-stocking, is much more than just doing the laundry. In addition, the laundry of your kitchen brigade, service staff, cleaners and staff in the kitchen. All dirty and dirty kitchen towels, tea towels, dishcloths, mops, aprons and work clothes must be really clean again.

Clean laundry with a professional washing machine

Your business revolves around preparing beautiful dishes for your guests. It is then of great importance that your restaurant or eatery not only looks clean, but is also really hygienically clean and works. All your table linen, tablecloths and napkins must be washed clean and every stain removed from your textiles. A professional washing machine is a good solution for effectively washing your textiles clean. A professional washing machine offers you various washing programs that allow you to remove all stains from your textile with the right professional detergents. In addition, you can choose different quantities of loading capacity in the choice of your professional washing machine. So that you get exactly the right washing machine that suits your specific situation in your restaurant or cafe.

Invest in the right washing machines and tumble dryers for restaurant and eatery

Laundry Expert has been active in the hospitality industry for many years, including restaurants and eateries. With the knowledge acquired in laundry technology we can fully map out your laundry as no other. From investment to the purchase of the right professional washing machines and tumble dryers. We pay close attention to the quantity, type and frequency of the crops, but also in which drying is required. For restaurants and eateries we supply professional washing machines with low and high loading capacity, with short and long washing processes. This way you can wash quickly and efficiently, exactly as you want it. With our laundry machines you can wash all your laundry in less time.

The best menu for professional washing

The perfect washing equipment for optimal washing, drying and mangling is of great importance. With our own professional laundry machines, we can perfectly meet the high demands placed on the cleaning and care of the laundry. The professional washing machines of the high-quality brand Lavamac are easy to operate and offer a wide range of washing programs. Laundry Expert is a total supplier of this top brand and therefore also have the best professional tumble dryers in our range. We have tumble dryers with a maximum loading capacity of 7 KG (LaundryLion TD-195D), but there are also larger drying systems. All our tumble dryers are made in such a way that they can run for a long time and are therefore ideal for restaurants and eateries.

Professional flatwork ironer for optimal ironing results

After washing and drying you have clean and dry laundry, but of course not quite as tight as you would like. For this you can use one of our flatwork ironers, in which you have the choice in single and mellowed mangles. With the help of these flatwork ironers you can smooth out all your laundry, such as table linen, tablecloths, work aprons, napkins, runners, napperon and placemats. Do you have little space? Then, for example, choose a wall mangle. With more space at your disposal, a transitman is a good option. Ideal for an optimal tight ironing result.

Always 100% service!

Laundry Expert also has years of experience with the overhaul of almost all brands in professional and industrial company washing machines and tumble dryers. As a result, our service technicians have gained a lot of knowledge in different brands. Time is money, especially when you have to outsource your laundry due to circumstances. To prevent this from happening, our service technicians are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Would you like advice tailored for washing in the catering industry?

No problem, Laundry Expert is happy to help you solve your problems. We know a suitable solution for every specific situation. For more information or questions, you can contact one of our catering experts at any time. Laundry Expert is happy to help!

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