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Industry branches

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The Royal Netherlands Navy guarantees our safety on and from the sea worldwide. The professional and industrial laundry machines that the Royal Netherlands Navy uses for the washing process, Laundry Expert can also supply you! So you can wash with our professional washing machines and dryers with exactly the same quality as the Royal Navy.

As an expert washing at the Royal Navy

Providing professional washing machines is not difficult and everyone can. But does everyone also offer you the solution specifically for your situation? Laundry Expert is central to providing the right solution for every specific situation. You need a professional washing machine that, with its size, loading capacity and washing programs, matches your amount of laundry. In addition, the drying process must be adapted to the type of laundry to be laundered. The question here is: Do I need a professional tumble dryer? Or maybe a tumble dryer? These are all issues that we would like to answer with you for the best result!

Whether it concerns a mine hunter, patrol ship, supply ship or a command frigate including De Zeven Provinciën- Klasse. Laundry Expert has years of maritime experience in laundry technology and meets these high standards and certificates.

Professional laundry machines for work clothes, combat uniforms and uniforms

Clean but especially dry work clothing is also desirable on Marine and equivalent ships. Thermo clothing plays an important role in this, but also special work clothing including oil suits, overalls, heavy work jackets, gloves and face protectors. This type of textile requires more and higher demands on your complete washing process. All your dirty and less dirty textiles should be spotlessly clean, but also protected against wear and color loss. In order to guarantee this, we are happy to supply you with the right laundry machines and professional detergents. Examples of a washing machine for on board is a LaundryLion HS-280, but for a washing machine on land, a LaundryLion LS-280 is suitable. Naturally depending on your specific requirements and the amount of laundry to be washed.

Specialist in drying

Most types of textiles such as battle suits, overalls, towels and bed linen can often be used in a professional dryer. A good example is a LaundryLion TD-250D. In contrast, special drying cabinets have been developed by PODAB. You can also dry work jackets, shoes, boots and clothes that demand high protection. It is important that your impregnated clothing remains windproof and waterproof. With our Podab ProLine TS63 VP you can be sure that the operation of your special clothing is maintained. In addition, you contribute to the preservation of the environment with this ECO product.

Wash with the right board tension

On board a naval ship, the tension is often not constant and they work on board with other voltages. Laundry Expert supplies professional washing machines that are tailored to the maritime sector. These laundry machines are perfectly capable of accommodating these wider tolerances, better than other types of professional washing machines. It is also possible to convert your current professional washing machine or professional clothes dryer to the desired voltage.

The right professional detergents

When there is a professional washing machine on board, there must of course also be professional detergents in stock. We at Laundry Expert supply various detergents, each specifically for a different situation. Our professional detergents from Christeyns ensure you clean laundry anytime and anywhere. In addition, there is also a possibility to automatically dose the detergents with our soap dosing system. So you do not have to worry about this anymore. We will gladly take care of you!

Worldwide parts available

Laundry Expert is a partner of Alliance Laundry Systems and we can always be of service to you. Alliance Laundry Systems is the global market leader in laundry equipment. This makes the parts of our professional washing machines and dryers available worldwide. Laundry Expert also has its own extensive spare parts service from various brands. And of course all our professional detergents can be obtained by us worldwide.

Service and maintenance for every professional laundry machine

Laundry Expert has years of experience with the revision of many different brands in professional and industrial washing machines and dryers. This allows you to contact our certified service technicians for many different faults and problems.

If one of your ships is in the port for preventive maintenance, we can carry out preventive maintenance on your professional washing machines and dryers. We maintain laundry equipment and laundry machines from almost all brands within the laundry industry. So also of laundry machines that you have not purchased from us. Laundry Expert does not worry about this and is always ready for everyone who needs maintenance. For this we offer an attractive maintenance contract. Of course we take into account your specific wishes.

Free advice from our specialists

Would you like more information about our maritime laundry machines? That's no problem! We are happy to provide you with information and expert advice.

Contact us quickly via telephone number +31(0)85-0030265, send an e-mail via [email protected] or fill out our application form below. Then we will provide you with personalized advice as soon as possible! 

Immediate contact via chat? Which can! At the bottom right of the page you can right away chat with one of our experts from the Laundry service team. We like to help you!

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